🦊A letter to You - Creep Remix


Dear You, 


I owe you an apology. The last time I "addressed" this topic, I forgot to embrace the moment. I have a horrible tendency to live "matter-of-factly," choosing to completely ignore my darkest moments, letting them exist as fleeting…

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💦V.S. PT3 CH5 // Make a Wish on a Waterfall

It was a cute ode to the eerie and dramatic night we met: meeting here at the brick-paved horseshoe that ignited its promiscuous spark we haphazardly tended to. I waved as I approached our one-in-a-million brick ( I know you…

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🎮 The Pursuit of Heartlessness

When I came to, I was back in that dark basement, lost and disoriented. The fog had cleared, and all that remained was the alluring glow of the mosaic mirror before me. In its vibrant reflection, I sat with a…

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⏳ Bunny's Fantasia: Inception - Alone (Sleepless)


“There's no rest for the wicked,” Proverbs 4:16

The sentiment has haunted me since birth. Not because I’m exceptionally religious. And not because I believe I’m inherently evil or beyond redemption – well, maybe at a time. But there’s no…

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⛓️ S1 EP2 Shanked without redemption - Rock (RN)

There I was, yet again, Falling. Through a familiar feeling, something like a moon spider crawling over my body. Its icy spindling legs extract the warmth from my being, piercing against my husk. Engendering this inexplicably foreboding tingling to emit…

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💎 Requiem for a dream? - Vice

The Desert Storm continued to rage, glaring out my eyes -- a hot flash distorting my surroundings until all that remained was a vast white plain of pain. At this point, the despair was absolute; I had come to accept…

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🐇 V.S. PT2 CH2 // You, Yes You. Run! - Creep

*Excerpts from “Victorias Secret”

There’s no telling where you’ll meet her. Nevertheless, you’ll know when you’ve arrived. The waters will be clear as crystal. A sacred glass encasing for the ornate scenes below. The vibrant violets, frisky fuchsias,  regal…

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